Romantic Getaway to Mammoth Lakes, California

To kick off our anniversary celebrations, my husband and I decided to take a road trip to Mammoth Lakes, California to get some fresh air, mountain views, and quality alone time. Even though I define myself as a “city girl,” I’ve always felt drawn to the mountains. There’s something so humbling about being surrounded by such vast and overpowering nature.

Even though we had a “no phones” policy, I did manage to capture some of our adventures in a vlog:

We stayed at The Westin Monache Resort in Mammoth, which was STUNNING. Our room felt like a luxury apartment, with two living rooms, a kitchen, a bed made for royalty, and a patio with that coveted mountain view. We were in heaven. We spent every evening drinking bubbly wine on the patio and smiling from ear to ear. Normally, we never go for luxury accommodation, but this was an important milestone in our relationship, so we wanted to go all out. Here’s a still from my vlog of the awesome patio view:

Mammoth, California

In terms of activities, all that was on the agenda was to relax, hike a bit, and unwind while enjoying the scenery. And what amazing scenery it was! Mammoth’s mountains were gorgeous and, since we went in summer (the offseason), none of the vista points were too crowded. Mammoth is typically a hotspot for skiing and snowboarding during the winter. As a Los Angeleno, this was the first time I saw snow in 2017, so we made a few snowballs just for the novelty.

Mammoth, California

Mammoth, California

Mammoth, California

Mammoth, California

Mammoth, California

One of my absolute favorite things we did was sit with our feet in the chilled, clear water of the gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains, and just chat about life. It was both revitalizing and romantic.

Mammoth, California

Mammoth, California

In Mammoth, I did struggle to find vegan options, but there were a few Mexican restaurants and a Pita Pit that had some tasty meals that I could eat. We brought some snacks and breakfast items from home, just in case.

Overall, the trip was serene and absolutely what both of us needed. It’s so important to reconnect with nature every once in a while and just sit with your thoughts.

On our actual anniversary, we drove up to Yosemite National Park, which is only an hour and a half away (blog post coming soon!) to enjoy some wildlife and hiking.

I hope you liked this post and eventually make your way to Mammoth to get some air! Leave a comment if you have any questions about our Mammoth experience!

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