Things To Do In New Orleans

New Orleans has been on my travel list for years! I’ve always admired the city’s love of music, resilient people, and vibrant culture. So, when I set off on an epic road trip across the USA over the holidays, I made it my mission to stop there and spend at least a day soaking it all in.

Since we had such a limited time in New Orleans, we made it our mission to do, see, and (most importantly) EAT as much as possible! In case you need some inspiration for your future trip, here’s what we got up to/ a few things to do in New Orleans:

Live Music At Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits

Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits new orleans

600 Poland Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117

After we checked into our hotel in the French Quarter, we drove to Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits for some afternoon drinks and live music. At first glance, it looks just like a hole-in-wall wine and cheese shop, but, as they lead you out to the back patio, it’s a whole new world.

The open-air patio was decked out with twinkly lights and a full stage with live jazz. We ordered bubbly wine and cozied up by the heaters as we listened to the local sounds. The vibe was chill and relaxed, so much so that we even got to chat with the musician between sets.

Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits new orleans

Overall, it was a great spot to sit outside, enjoy some amazing wine, and live a little.

Lunch At St. Roch’s Market

st roch's market new orleans

2381 St. Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

After some bubbly wine, we started to get a little hungry, so we made our way to St. Roch’s Market for lunch. This modern, brightly-lit market had an amazing selection of vendors to choose from: from Asian food, to Mexican food, to local specialties.

st roch's market new orleans

st roch's market new orleans

I went for the avocado toast, which…I mean…just look at that beauty:

st roch's market new orleans

This spot is great for a group with mixed diets or food cravings because everyone can find something that will delight them.

Shenanigans On Bourbon Street:

bourbon street new orleans

Yes, this is the most touristy spot in New Orleans, but it’s a right of passage. If you’re going to go to New Orleans you GOTTA see Bourbon Street. No matter what day of the week it is, Bourbon Street is overflowing with people and energy (we were there on a Monday night in mid-December). It is such an amazing place to people watch because the street is FILLED with characters.

bourbon street new orleans

bourbon street new orleans

bourbon street new orleans

Also, since there are open container laws, you can walk around with your drink, which is a big win in my book!

Hurricanes At Pat O’Briens:

pat o'briens new orleans

718 St Peter St, New Orleans, LA 70116

I was told by a New Orleans local that Pat O’Briens was the best pub on Bourbon Street, so I knew it had to be good! I was also repeatedly instructed that I had to try a hurricane when I went, so I did. What can I say? My hands were tied!

Pat O’Briens had a great patio, friendly staff, and a fire fountain (yes, you read that correctly, a fountain filled with both water and fire and it’s in the video at the top of the page). My husband, David, and I tried the infamous hurricane there and I must admit…IT WAS GOOD! It tasted a bit like a Shirley Temple, with a cherry flavor, and it was a strong drink. Dangerously delicious!

pat o'briens new orleans

New Orleans is unlike any city I’ve been to before and that’s mostly due to the kindness and joie de vivre of its people. Take a trip there and hopefully, you’ll get to take a little of the joie de vivre home with you too!

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