Angels Point Views

Angels Point in Elysian Park is widely known for its scenic view of Los Angeles. It’s been repeatedly used in Hollywood for establishing shots and even as a filming location. On a clear day, the park offers incredible views of downtown LA, the Dodger’s stadium, the Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood Hills.

Elysian Park offers several hiking trails if you’re interested in fully exploring the park and what views it has to offer, or you can drive up to Angels Point almost directly (on Angels Point Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90012).

Angels Point

Angels Point Elysian Park

Angels Point

The park is quieter than the more widely visited landmarks, like the Hollywood Hills and Griffith Observatory, but still offers some awesome sights and lots of space to have picnics or simply relax in the sun.

Angels Point

Though I only visited Angels Point on my recent visit, I was very impressed with the view and the laid-back nature of the park. I will definitely be back to explore the hiking trails!

Angels Point

I hope this encourages you to explore Angels Point and Elysian Park and see what kind of adventures YOU can find!


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