Things To Do In Little Tokyo

Last week, my husband and I headed over to Little Tokyo (in downtown Los Angeles) in search of beautiful gardens and delicious food. We were definitely not disappointed! As predicted, Little Tokyo is an underrated gem of LA.

Here are a few things I highly recommend you do while you’re there:

  • Relax In The Kyoto Gardens

little tokyo los angeles

Located on the ground floor of the Doubletree Hotel in Little Tokyo is a beautiful Japanese garden patio called the Kyoto Gardens. These gardens are filled with calming, sputtering fountains, outdoor seating in the sun, and gorgeous flowers. It’s a beautiful spot to find some peace and quiet in the middle of bustling LA. The hotel staff didn’t seem to bat an eyelid at the fact that we weren’t guests at the hotel. In fact, they seemed to welcome people to come and visit the gardens at their leisure.

little tokyo los angeles

  • Stock Up On Supplies In The Japanese Markets

little tokyo los angeles

If you’re looking to buy Japanese snacks or stock up on some Japanese ingredients to cook at home, Little Tokyo is a great spot to be. There are several Japanese markets, so you have your choice of spots to shop in, and they carry all the amazing Japanese staples you’re looking for: from soba noodles to ready-made onigiri.

  • Shop And Eat In The Japanese Village Plaza

little tokyo los angeles

The Japanese Village Plaza is a small shopping area filled with Japanese restaurants, trendy clothing stores, souvenir shops, and anything in between. The plaza is lined with lovely red lanterns and it’s a great spot to walk around and casually pop into stores.

little tokyo los angeles

  • Visit The Koyasan Buddhist Temple

little tokyo los angeles

The Koyasan Buddhist Temple is one of the oldest existing Buddhist temples in North America. Visiting hours are from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Make sure to be quiet and respectful in the temple and keep in mind that photography is prohibited inside the temple.

I hope you enjoy your time exploring Little Tokyo and, as always, if you have any other tips for visiting Little Tokyo comment them below!

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