How To Hike To The Hollywood Sign

A few weeks ago, my college friends, Anik and Carolyn, came to visit LA. I was thrilled that I finally got to show people I care about around the city, like a proper Los Angelean. They had never been to LA before and they were only going to be in town for 24 hours, so I decided the best place to take them was the Hollywood Hills.

Once they arrived, we almost immediately laced up our sneakers, grabbed our waters, and hopped into an Uber in search of Hollywood Sign adventures. We had the Uber drop us off in front of Sunset Ranch, a tour group that allows people to ride horses around the Hills. This was not because we were riding horses, but because it’s an excellent spot to enter the Hollywood hiking area.

It was the perfect day to hike! The sun was out (per usual) and the trails weren’t too busy. This was my 4th time hiking the Hollywood Hills, but it never gets old. You can’t beat the view and you can’t beat that deep sense of accomplishment you feel when you reach the top and can see every inch of the city.

hollywood sign hike

hollywood sign hike

hollywood sign hike

hollywood sign hike

hollywood sign hike
Feeling super sweaty, but ACCOMPLISHED!

It was a beautiful afternoon and it reminded me that The Hollywood Hills are absolutely one of my favorites spots in LA. If you’re visiting, even for a short time, the Hills should be #1 on your list of to-dos! How often do you get stand in relative silence looking down on an iconic, bustling city? Even the traffic doesn’t look that bad from way up there.


  • Bring water. You are essentially hiking a desert mountain, plus the trail can take up to an hour and it can reach pretty high inclines.
  • Wear work out clothes (especially sneakers). I know people want to look cute for the pictures, but it is a fairly exhausting hike in direct sun. Cute outfits are not worth it.
  • Go early in the morning or later on in the day. The Hills are cooler and more shadowy then.
  • Stay on the trails. There are snakes, bugs, and all kinds of crazy things in the brush. Stay on the nice, wide trails they provide.
  • Take an Uber, if you can, or park near Sunset Ranch. Parking seems nearly impossible there, but IT IS possible to park not too far from the hiking area.

One thought on “How To Hike To The Hollywood Sign

  1. As of 4/18/17 the Beachwood Gate to access this trail is permanently closed due to a court order. Alternate access points to hike are 3200 Canyon Drive (Bronson Canyon / Brush Canyon Trail) or Griffith Observatory


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