A Day At Zion National Park

Last week, my husband, David, and I embarked on an epic 4-day road trip across Arizona and Utah. I daily vlogged the experience and will be sharing a break down of each day with you all so you can start making epic Arizona road trip plans of your own.

On day 4 (our last day of the road trip), we said goodbye to Page, Arizona after a beautiful 2 days there and we headed up to Springdale, Utah to see Zion National Park.

From the moment we drove into Zion National Park, we were completely blown away. After entering the park and paying the $30 fee, we were immediately surrounded by stunning mountains and rock formations. We even saw mountain goats!

zion national park

zion national park

zion national park

We happily drove along the windy roads, stopping every once in a while to take videos and pictures, until we arrived at the Visitors Center. There, we boarded a free shuttle bus to the Emerald Pools Trail. I’d heard that Zion National Park has beautiful waterfalls, so it became my mission to find one!

The Emerald Pools Trail was a quick 15-minute shuttle ride away from the Visitors Center and a short 10-minute hike to the lower pools. The paved trail started along the gorgeous Virgin River and led us directly to a small waterfall. The waterfall fell gently into a small oasis below the trail and many hikers walked straight through the waterfall to relieve them from the summer heat. The sound of the water was lovely and very relaxing.

emerald pools zion national park

zion national park

zion national park

zion national park

Overall, Zion National Park completely exceeded my expectations. It’s a park you could spend a week exploring, and still not see everything. We were only there for a few short hours, but we’ll certainly never forget it.


  • Utilize the Visitor Center. The park rangers are very helpful and will help you find anywhere you’re looking to go.
  • Take the shuttle. The free shuttle system brings you to all kinds of gorgeous trails filled with waterfalls and stunning views.
  • Bring lots of water. It gets hot in Utah!
  • Wear sneakers. The main activity to take part in at Zion National Park is hiking the trails, so you’ll need some shoes that can handle the terrain.
  • Stay a while! I made the mistake of only stopping by for a few hours. If you can, stay for a full day at least.

I hope this article inspires you to take a trip to Zion National Park to see it for yourself! And, as always, if you have any other great Zion National Park recommendations you can leave them in the comments below.

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