The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Toronto

Hey guys! Over the years, Toronto has transformed into a hub of delicious and trendy international restaurants. In my time living there, I found dozens of restaurants I absolutely loved and frequented, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with my fellow vegetarians out there.

Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Toronto:

Urban Herbivore

urban herbivore
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Set in the heart of Kensington Market, this little gem of a restaurant offers up everything from healthy salad bowls, to hearty sandwiches, to decadent vegan cupcakes. My personal favorite menu items were the BBQ Tofu sandwich and the mint lemonade.


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Nearby Kensington Market is this hidden treasure of a restaurant. Green’s Vegetarian offers up a mixture of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai vegetarian dishes. The portions are huge, so you may want to share plates with a friend, or go nuts and try to down it all yourself. I highly recommend the Curry Mock Chicken (which was highly approved by my husband who is a meat eater).

The Hogtown Vegan

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If you’re searching for vegetarian comfort food, look no further than The Hogtown Vegan on Bloor Street West. This place specializes in recreating meat-lovers favorites into a vegetarian’s dream, with dishes like “Phish N’ Chips”, “Unchicken And Waffles”, and the “Philly ‘Cheesesteak’”. There is often a line out front, so get there as early as you can and prepare to eat a lot because the portions are generous.


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With 4 different locations across the city, Fresh is a convenient vegetarian hot spot for Torontonians. Also, since Fresh’s menu is extremely diverse, you’re sure to find something for everyone in your party. Green juices? Tacos? Burgers? Soba noodle bowls? They’ve got it all. I highly recommend the Buddha Bowl with soba noodles or the Tex Mex Tortilla Scramble, if you’re there for brunch.

King’s Café

kings cafe (1)

Also located in the trendy Kensington Market area, King’s Café is the go-to place for vegetarian Chinese specialties. The café serves up traditional dishes, such as dim sum, dumplings, and fried noodles, at a deliciously affordable price. They also have an amazing tea selection, including blooming flower tea, which you can watch bloom in your teapot.

Honorable mention…


Via My Instagram:
Via My Instagram:

Though it’s not a fully vegetarian restaurant, it offers up some absolutely incredible vegetarian options. My personal favorites are the Grilled Avocado and Mushroom tacos. Also, the restaurant has a very cool vibe with tall glass windows and blasting hip-hop music.

I hope this guide helps you find some delicious meals and make some unforgettable memories in Toronto! Be sure to leave a comment if you tried any of these places or have any other vegetarian restaurant recommendations!


One thought on “The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Toronto

  1. Thanks for this helpful info. I’m making a plan to go tour to your city as I feel so much bore in this lock down.
    However, I am a foodie and love to taste thai foods and recipes. But I was confused on which restaurant I should go when I visit Toronto.
    Thankfully, now I have a handful of options. Thanks for sharing this indepth info.
    One question- is there any restriction to visit your country due to Covid-19? Are the restaurants open?
    Waiting for your response…


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